PIC18F24J10 chip decryption, IC decryption, microcontroller program crack

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We analyzed the core structure of this PIC18F46J13 chip, that is, where is the program area of a chip? Generally, we will analyze how many program areas it has. How big are we doing when decrypting a PIC18F46J13 chip? During the experiment, we will read all the programs, so that we can ensure that the entire program can be decrypted without omissions.

The latest version of the chip decryption models are as follows:

PIC18F24J10 PIC18F24J11 PIC18F24J50 PIC18F25J10 PIC18F25J11 PIC18F25J50 PIC18F26J11 PIC18F26J13 PIC18F26J50 PIC18F26J53 PIC18F27J13 PIC18F27J53 PIC18F44J10 PIC18F44J11 PIC18F44J50 PIC18F45J10 PIC18F45J11 PIC18F45J50 PIC18F46J11 PIC18F46J13 PIC18F46J50 PIC18F46J53 PIC18F47J13 PIC18F47J53 PIC18F63J11 PIC18F63J90 PIC18F64J11 PIC18F64J90 PIC18F65J10 PIC18F65J11 PIC18F65J15 PIC18F65J50 PIC18F65J90 PIC18F65J94 PIC18F66J10 PIC18F66J11 PIC18F66J15 PIC18F66J16 PIC18F66J50 PIC18F66J55 PIC18F66J60 PIC18F66J65 PIC18F66J90  PIC18F66J93 PIC18F66J94 PIC18F67J10 PIC18F67J11

PIC18F46J13 chip decryption

PIC18F67J50 PIC18F67J60 PIC18F67J90 PIC18F67J93 PIC18F67J94 PIC18F83J11 PIC18F83J90 PIC18F84J11 PIC18F84J90 PIC18F85J10 PIC18F85J11 PIC18F85J15 PIC18F85J50 PIC18F85J90 PIC18F85J94 PIC18F86J10 PIC18F86J11 PIC18F86J15 PIC18F86J16 PIC18F86J50 PIC18F86J55 PIC18F86J60 PIC18F86J65 PIC18F86J72 PIC18F86J90 PIC18F86J93 PIC18F86J94 PIC18F87J10 PIC18F87J11 PIC18F87J50 PIC18F87J60 PIC18F87J72 PIC18F87J90 PIC18F87J93 PIC18F87J94 PIC18F95J94 PIC18F96J60  PIC18F96J65  PIC18F96J94  PIC18F97J60  PIC18F97J94

Chip decryption/MCU program crack /IC crack /MCU decryption

We promise that the chip decryption only needs a master film. If the decryption is unsuccessful, it will not be charged. If there is a problem with the test, please provide the machine. Our engineer will personally debug the machine for you.

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