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RE-Chip is belongs to Shenzhen Xinrong Yanxin Technology Co., Ltd which is founded on March,2010. With the experience about 10 years, we are now professional in crack ic/unlock mcu/extract flash memory,we can read  embedded Firmware of most MCU. Like: Microchip,Texas Instruments, Atmel, NEC, Fujitsu, Freescale, NXP, SST, Silicon,ST, STC and so on. Give us one piece of mcu we make you thousands.

What's more, we clone any PCB board 1-18 layers,we provide you .pcb and .sch file and can list bill of Materials.

With accuracy and carefulness our engineer assure you 99.9% success rate. No success no charge!


Service area

  • Industrial control - crane remote control, lift,
  • Security equipment - electronic fence, ramp access, building intercom, fingerprint lock
  • Automotive Electronics - Driving Recorder, Window Control, Tire Pressure Detector
  • Smart home - home audio and video, smart home appliance control, automatic curtain control, audio control, lighting control, burglar alarm
  • Medical equipment - blood glucose tester, fetal monitor, oxygen generator
  • Automation control - servo drive, frequency converter, stepper, drone
  • Instrumentation - temperature and humidity measuring instrument, metal detector, pH measuring instrument
  • Entertainment games - game consoles, stage lighting control

Electric Fence

The most advanced perimeter burglar alarm system.

Can use for security electronic fences and electronic fences for animal husbandry and electronic fences for zoos.


Stage Light Controler

Computer moving head light, beam light, LED stage light, LED par light, stage laser light, fog machine, wedding bubble machine, DMX console and other stage lighting full range of equipment. Products are widely used in stage performances.

We can copy the central control board for you. Make perfect 1:1 pcb clone for you. Especially extract mcu code

We can copy the central control board for you. Make perfect 1:1 pcb clone for you. Especially extract mcu code


Spraying equipment

Spraying equipment is also called painting equipment. Dedicated tools for covering protective or decorative layers of metallic and non-metallic surfaces.

there are manual spraying equipment, semi-automatic spraying equipment and automatic spraying equipment.


Face Recognition Attendance Machine

The face recognition attendance machine is mainly used for the attendance statistics of the company employees. When the employee signs in, the employee needs to collect the facial photos of the employees through the camera, and then obtain the feature values from the collected photos through the face recognition algorithm and pre-stored with the database. The characteristic values of the employee's face photos are analyzed and compared. After the identification is successful, the employee's name is reported, and the attendance is successful.

We can copy pcb board of face recognition, and PCB assembly, mcu crack, ic clone

全息 广告机

Holographic Advertising

The holographic advertising machine is a 3D imaging product, and the effect of imaging is vivid and vivid. The holographic 3D advertising machine is hanging on the wall, or hanging in the air. In the case that the light is not very strong, the imaging of the 3D holographic advertising machine can easily become a bright spot.


Servo Driver

Servo drives, also known as "servo controllers" and "servo amplifiers", are controllers used to control servo motors. They act like a frequency converter acting on a common AC motor and are part of the servo system. Mainly used in high precision positioning systems. Generally, the servo motor is controlled by three modes: position, speed and torque to realize high-precision transmission system positioning. At present, it is a high-end product of transmission technology.

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