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Make the Electronic version of your pcb circuit board/pcb copy/Pcb clone


Why choose us?

  • Welding and disassembly compoments professional.
  • Familiar with different kinds compoments, can well Measurement parameter.
  • High skill of pcb copy,good conntrol for spacing between lines.
  • Modules for compoments,easy to amend in the later period.

How to quote a pcb copy item?

  • size of the pcb, both width and  length.
  • Layers of the pcb, 2 layers? 4 layers or 8 layers?
  • Intensity and type of compoments on the pcb board.

Tell us size and show us pictures of the right side and back side.

we can well judge the difficultiy of the work and then quote you how many cost to clone the pcb,

What we provide?

Send us your pcb circuit board for us and we will send the final file of pcb to you by e-mail.

We provide Bill of materials,pcb circuit drawing and Schematic. They are .xlsx/ .pcb/.sch 

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