crack mcu PIC16F1824/Flash memory extract

First of all, its high speed, low voltage, low power consumption, high current LCD

Driving ability and low-cost OTP technology reflect the new trend of SCM industry. Now pic series single chip microcomputer in the world single chip market

The market share ranking has been rising year by year, especially in the 8-bit MCU market. PIC microcontroller from the market coverage, there are a variety of models

In the world, PIC microcontroller can be seen from computer peripherals, home appliances control, telecommunications, intelligent instruments, cars

Electronic to financial electronics in various fields of wide application.

Pic12f1822 chip decryption success, we can extract binary. Bin and hexadecimal code. Hex

The chip features are as follows:

Enhanced midrange core with 49 instructions and 16 stack layers

Flash memory with read / write function

Internal 32mhz oscillator

Integrated capacitor mtouch induction module

Data signal modulator module

Mi2c, SPI, eusart with automatic baud rate

The models in the same series have been successfully cracked:

PIC12F1822 PIC12LF1822 PIC12F1840

PIC16F1823 PIC16LF1823

PIC16F1824 PIC16LF1824

PIC16F1825 PIC16LF1825

PIC16F1828 PIC16LF1828

PIC16F1829 PIC16LF1829


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crack mcu PIC16F1824/Flash memory extract

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